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Cataract Surgery FAQ:

Our surgeons operate at two convenient locations.


Ambulatory Surgical center of Western New York


Location: 945 Sweet Home Road Buffalo NY​

Center for Ambulatory Surgery

Location: 550 Orchad Park Road, Buffalo NY​

Where does surgery take place?

What If I blink?

During surgery, a spring will be used your keep your eyelids apart.  You do not have to worry about blinking.

How long will I be at the surgical center?

While surgery itself typically takes less than 20 minutes, you should plan to be a the surgical center for several hours because the team has to get you ready for surgery and ready to go home. 

Can I eat or drink prior to surgery?

If your surgery is scheduled for the morning, you should not eat eat or drink starting the midnight before. You may take your medications with a sip of water. 

Is cataract surgery covered by my insurance?

Yes, traditional cataract surgery is covered by your insurance company.  Patients typically pay their outpatient surgical fee.  Advanced technology lenses to try and achieve independence from glasses are not covered by your insurance. 

Can I see the surgery taking place?

Due to the bright lights of the operating microscope you will not be able to make out any details of the surgery.  You will not see any of the instruments.  All you can see is bright lights and movements, some equate this to a light show. 

Can cataracts grow back?

No. Once that cataract is removed it does not grow back. However, the most common complication of cataract surgery is a film that develops behind the new lens placed inside of the eye which can feel like a cataract; however, this does not require surgery and can be removed in the office with a laser procedure.

When can I drive following surgery?

You need a driver the day of surgery as well as a driver the day after surgery for your post operative visit at our office.  Usually 24 hours after anesthesia you can resume driving but your doctor will tell you when it is safe to drive again. 

Should I take my medications prior to surgery?

The surgical center will review with you what medications you should take on the day of surgery. 

What are the restrictions following surgery?

You will be given detailed instructions regarding post operative care, but in general, no lifting more than 10 pounds, no bending over, and no strenuous exercise for at least two weeks after each eye. 

When can I get glasses after surgery?

You can get a glasses exam (if needed) typically one month after the second eye is completed. 

Will I need glasses after surgery?

At Southtowns Eye Center we use the latest technology to assess your eyes, which allows many of our patients to function fairly well without glasses after cataract surgery.  However, this ultimately depends on the eye anatomy itself and glasses are often needed to fine tune your vision following surgery.  We do offer packages for those patients who are interested in becoming less dependent on glasses and or contacts after cataract surgery. 

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