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Glasses Exams

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Glasses Exams

What is a glasses exam?


In our office, a glasses exam is an entire visit focused solely on giving you an accurate glasses/contacts prescription.   There are no eye drops used during this exam so that your eyes can be in their natural state. Your eyes will not be dilated. 

If you are a new patient with our office, then we would offer you either a routine eye exam (click here) or a dilated medical eye exam prior to a glasses exam. 

What is checked during a glasses exam?


Our care team will measure any glasses you currently wear.  Then one of our experienced doctors will perform a refraction, or vision test, where you select the correct glasses power by choosing “1 or 2” with the doctor. Your vision will be measured at distance as well as up close if applicable.  Finally, you may be given a trial pair of glasses to test out the new prescription to ensure accuracy and comfort. 


Can I have a glasses exam with my medical dilated eye exam?


If you have no other medical/ocular problems, then yes! Click HERE for Routine Eye Exams.  


If you have medical/ocular issues then we separate the glasses visit from your dilated medical visit.  By separating the visits, we can determine if any underlying medical issues, such as cataract, are the reason your vision has changed versus needing to update your prescription.    We believe in ensuring accuracy, without making our patients feel rushed, to get your prescription correct the first time.  We find the best way to do this is to dedicate an entire visit to making sure you get the correct prescription.  This also helps keep our office efficient, which reduces your wait time. 


Can I purchase glasses at Southtowns Eye Center?

We have a great relationship with a number of outstanding local optical groups that we are happy to refer to you to if you are in need of a new pair of glasses. 

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