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Retinal Photography

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Retinal Photography

What is retinal photography?


Retinal photography is using a specialized camera to take a high-definition digital picture of the retina  (light sensing tissue) in the back of your eyes.  Our office uses the Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra-Wide Field camera.  


Who should have retinal photography?

Retinal photography is a very useful tool for patients of all ages.  The picture is safe and quick.  All you will notice is a very bright flash of light in each eye. 


What are the benefits of having retinal photography?


  • The doctor will review your images with you and go over any important findings

  • The images can be stored for the future as a comparison if your health changes

  • The images can be magnified and manipulated to allow the doctor greater visibility of your retina

  • The camera provides a view of the retina in patients who otherwise may not be able to have a thorough exam. 


Schedule an appointment today for your retina photograph.

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